Market Breadth Data

Saturday, February 28, 2015

$SPX Seasonal Pattern and Trend

SP500 following the seasonal pattern very closely so far:

(Seasonal data courtesy of OT Seasonal)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

$IWM and $QQQ Pattern and Trend

While the SP500 and the DJIA are stalling, the Russell 2000 and the Qs are taking the lead:

$IG Pattern, Trend and Earnings

IG consolidating at the highs before the conference call on March 2nd.

In 2014 two ANDAs were approved dating from December '10 and June '12.

For the period '10 - '12 IG had a total of eight ANDAs submitted, plus another five in 2013. Meaning that at least six ANDAs can be approved at any time during 2015.

The key resistance to overcome is at the 11.50 - 11.60 level: